CATEGORY Trend Reports

Our team of anthropologists and data scientists compiles an ongoing analysis of trends across various commercial categories.  We uncover emerging trends and place these social signals into the context of our Culture Mapping matrix to structure the data as narratives that can be patterned and analyzed to develop forecasts and strategies.

Custom Data Analysis is available for: geographic analysis, expanded theme exploration, expanded trend exploration, archetype and muse exploration, partnership analysis, also inquire about other custom data sets. Email



We have pulled data related to food policy, food sourcing, sustainability and food security. What we found was a hand-off of information from archetype to archetype that will inform your innovation strategies. Into 2020, we will see all archetypes forcing the codes they follow toward a confident and accessible future state.



Is it about inclusion and acceptance of all things beauty? Yes. And no. It’s about a process of learning and adapting -- for oneself -- in the face of a singular standard ideal as a stronghold.