OUR work

A systems-thinking approach to research and innovation strategy.

INNOVATION consulting

We are experts at analyzing trends and developing frameworks for clients to build sustainable actions on those vital insights. Our approach structures cultural signals to reveal critical patterns and emerging narratives that create competitive market advantage. We have helped companies launch new brands and products as well as tune their communication and develop stronger segmentation strategies more in sync with the evolving dynamics of culture.  We work across multiple categories from FMCG to B2B and in every global market.  Our skill is in uncovering the emerging insights that are missed in traditional research and providing evidence and inspiration for investment and creative ideation.



Our experienced anthropology field teams around the world are skilled in conducting a broad range of investigations from home immersions to structured test environments.  We also hold co-creation workshops involving category experts and industrial designers to develop innovation platforms and prototypes. 



Our Culture Mapping informs a machine learning process that allows us to scan and analyze vast amounts of open and closed linguistic data and find emerging patterns in culture.  The analysis results in visualizations that help our clients understand trends in the context of data-supported archetypes and behavioral codes.