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scenarioDNA: una nueva forma de encontrar historias (TTV News)

BTF Media: el mapeo cultural para contar mejores historias (TTV News)

Tabi Boots Take Over Parsons (New School Free Press)

Anthropology meets data science’: scenarioDNA highlights ‘archetypes of ideology’ in beauty (Moodie Davitt Report)

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The way Trump talks about immigration (Quartz)

3 ways to prove brand value to millennial shoppers (Business Journals)

Advertising’s needless obsession with Big Data (Gulf News)

Future Trends, Culture Mapping, and Semiotics (On Point Podcast)

Future Trends, Culture Mapping, and Semiotics
(On Point Podcast)

Space the Frontier Right in Front of Us (NY Times)

“The New Story vs. The News Story” (Weiss Lecture Series)

Dynamic Hong Kong ‘can own FinTech phenomenon’ (South China Morning Post)

Design insight through culture mapping (Education Post Hong Kong)

Why Hongkongers need multifaceted training for a complex world (South Chine Morning Post)

Predict the Future Talk to Tim Stock (Milk Magazine)

Knowledge of Design Week Recap (KODW 2015)

Discovering Luxury (Dow Packaging)

Venti, two pump, skinny Merlot? (Crains Chicago Business)

How is the culture of luxury changing? (Ross Dawson)

A Face in the Crowd (Research Magazine)

Semiotics, Recognise the Signs (Admap)

Grin Reapers (The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Market Research For The Mobile World (PSFK)

Recession Washing (Tom Fishburne)

Luxury Consumer Goods Labels Sets Your Brand Apart From The Competition (Whitlam Group)

Wal-Mart Tries to Be MySpace. Seriously (AdAge)

How Do We Dissect Culture Networks?  (PSFK)

Schultz Returns as CEO of Starbucks (Adage)

Coke taps into brand new internet craze (Financial Times)

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Common denominators: what unites global youth? (Emerald Insights)

How to market brands in a people economy (Admap)

Culture Mapping (Admap)

Millennials Becoming ‘Minimalists’ (Millennial Marketing)


Book Chapters & Citations

The Luxury Alchemist (Chapter 5, “The Moment of Truth: Marketing Strategies.”)

Market Segmentation in (In)Action: Marketing and 'Yet to Be Installed' Role of Big and Social Media Data

Consumer Behavior 10th Edition (Chapter 11, “Consumers in Their Social and Cultural Settings.”)

Market Segmentation in (In)Action: by Jason Pridmore (Historical Social Research)

The Fifth Age of Work (Chapter 6, The Power of Workspace Design)

Create! (Chapter 10, Discovering the Cultural Code)

Quiet, The Power of Introverts (Acknowledgments)

Shortcut (Acknowledgments)