Uniting consumer anthropology with data science to measure and understand the ideological dynamics impacting society.

Published Writing

The Epidemiology of Innovation (Springer)

Culture Mapping (Admap/WARC)

A Face in the Crowd (Research Magazine)

Visualizing Culture using Semiotics (ESOMAR)

Mapping Culture (ebook)

Culture Mapping is a patented approach for analyzing and patterning cultural signals and emerging trend narratives. It acts as a lens that empowers our clients with better market segmentation based on cognitive frameworks. It also allows for a deeper level of insight into cultural systems driving meaning during the planning and design of products, services and communication. The resulting culture maps allow us to see the systems evolving behind trends and help expose key cultural tensions.  From there, we can evolve consumer perceptions and cultivate strategies truly synchronized to culture.  Learn more about our work here.