Uniting consumer anthropology with data science to measure and understand the ideological dynamics impacting business and society.

Published Writing

The Epidemiology of Innovation (Springer)

Culture Mapping (Admap/WARC)

A Face in the Crowd (Research Magazine)

Visualizing Culture using Semiotics (ESOMAR)

Mapping Culture (ebook)

Language is the most powerful source of insight.  Our Culture Mapping informs a machine learning process that allows us to scan and analyze large amounts of open and closed linguistic data and find emerging patterns in culture.  The analysis results in visualizations that help our clients understand trends in the context of data-supported archetypes and behavioral codes. 

Our method is the first data-related utility patent addressing the study of people and their ideologies over time. The best way to understand where ideas are going is to see where they live in the context of near neighbors and contrasting ideologies. The narratives live in the tension.

A Cultural Search Tool
Every word is clickable for further information. Live data exists within the deeper levels of context, where users can find links to related Instagram and news categories. 

A Forecasting Tool
See patterns. Visualize inflection points. Gain a literacy for how trends are likely to adapt/evolve..

A Cultural Segmentation Tool
Culture Mapping puts trends into a human context by association with archetypes and muses. Archetype information is downloadable.

An Idea Generator
Trend indicators, muses and their taxonomies are mapped within our culture mapping matrix so that users can  explore our behind-the-scenes thinking, and use it as their own insight planning and inspiration tool.