Data Science Lab

Our expert team of data scientists experiments with the best ways to leverage data visualization and machine learning in the context of our Culture Mapping patent. 


Mapping Culture, is a 38-page showcase of scenarioDNA's patented culture mapping methodology. With visualizations by Cousins Sears, it explores strategies for social movements including feminism, protest and climate change, as well as education and indulgence. The method frames semiotic data so strategists, designers, engineers and analysts can see patterns of change earlier and more clearly.

Mapping Culture
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Culture Mapping Everything I know

Using Culture Mapping to analyze the transcripts of Buckminster Fuller’s Everything I Know, a 42-hour thinking-out-loud lecture series videotaped in 1975.

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Culture Mapping the First 100 Days

Using Culture Mapping to analyze the @realDonaldTrump and @POTUS tweets during Donald Trump's first 100 days in office.


Culture Mapping Education

Mapping the Open Culture-listed free online courses, all from notable institutions, demonstrated that the courses available online are sorely lacking in outreach. No surprise. However, the imbalance also represents the state of most curriculum. When a student’s education lacks balance, it is either because they do not know how to structure their choices or the breadth is not available.

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Culture Mapping for Creative SCREENPLAY DEVELOPMENT

Culture Mapping used in story development for television and film.