the epidemiology of innovation (HCI International)

To better match the complex challenges innovation presents, it is critical to consider an approach and methodology more akin to epidemiology – a method that accounts for the full picture of how trends in culture are evolving. A process rich with layers. One that recognizes often overlooked triggers to new behaviors. One that is exploratory, yet grounded by real data and structured by cultural parameters. An approach that unites consumer anthropology with data science.


the future of news (Stephan weiss lecture series)

It is not hard to be negative about the news today. The early days of the 2016 election season confirm the problem could be getting even worse. Gallup polling indicates that Americans’ trust in news media is at an all-time low. Who or what is to blame? Can we do anything to turn this around?


Analyzing Selfies

When most people see selfies, they think “selfie” culture -- one wholly formed culture. As one respected colleague smartly responded when he heard we were working on selfie report, “No need to look for selfie patterns.  It is simply called narcissism.” He was dead wrong.


mapping the death & rebirth of indulgence (Semiofest)

The relationship between indulgence and luxury is the relationship between what we know and what we share. We must cultivate a deeper understanding of how luxury evolves and invest in the symbols and techniques that are critical to its sustainability.