Culture Mapping Food & Beverage Trends 2018

Food trends look to our past and peer beyond our future. Ideas are scoured for locally and globally. And foraged for high and low. It’s never as simple as quantifying the number or frequency of trends. What’s most important is that a system is developing that can begin to structure answers to our questions.

We have created a culture map of food conversation. Culture Mapping (developing codes and archetypes) helps us understand and explain what is going on. From 10,000 tweets, we have pulled together the most insightful, provocative and curious tweets from about 50 renowned names in the worldwide food industry, as well as other leaders who are not well-known but propel the dialog. We also cross-correlate this with Instagram and News Feeds as well as Google Trends to track the rise and fall of cultural signifiers.

  • A searchable Culture Mapping data visualization dashboard connecting archetypes and trend examples to live Instagram, news feeds and language APIs. 
  • A 190-page trend report with archetypes, muses and over 147 trend examples organized by category and across all continents.
  • A survey of over 2,500 US adults quantifying archetypes and revealing demographic patterns.
  • $499 USD - Trend Report + 6 Month Culture Map Tool Access

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